Hi, I'm a UK based professional game developer with over 17 years of experience.

I specialise in everything; modeling characters, rigging, animation, environments, props and textures. I have also have been developing skills in python and c#.

My main tools are Blender and Unity but can also use Substance Designer and Painter. I have previously worked with Max and Maya.

I'm one half of self funded two man team, Panda Knife Tree, making all the art and animation for a MMOARPG built in Unity.

Previous games include Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Need for Speed Shift 1 and 2, and Before.

I'm available for paid contract work so get in touch if you're interested in working together!

Foliage Shader

Blender scripts to automate vertex colour of the foliage geometry, then a custom shader to animate large and small movements based on unity wind zones.
Building System

Blender scripts to automate vertex colour of the building components, then a custom shader to animate these components into view based on the buildings in game construction state.
Character Movement

Custom export scripts to calculate and normalise the distance traveled of a characters animations then unity scripts and animator to rescale the animation to characters in game speed to remove foot sliding.
FBX workflow

Blender plugin to streamline the standard FBX exporter, particularly with regards to being able to export individual animations along with a lot of other handy animation scripts.
Timeline scrubber

A modal blender tool that allows the user to scrub timeline with the mouse. Once in scrubbing mode it's possible to move keyframes, mirror and offset selected bone animations and more.
Boxes to Weight

Blender plugin that allows weighting using simple geometry. Each bone gets a box attached which can be edited to roughly match the underlying geometry before transferring weights to the high detail mesh attached to the rig.

Thanks for viewing, this is just a small section of my work, to see more and keep up to date follow me on Twitter, visit Panda Knife Tree or check out my old portfolio here.